Did You Know:

Lot of people don’t know that there is still a solar incentive available. This comes in form of STCs (Small scale Technology Certificates). Generally, the homeowner gets retailer to look after that, in return gets upfront discount on total solar package.

Why Choose Us?

We are the market expert in providing sustainable solution for your home/business. We aim to prioritise reducing our customer’s bill as a main concern. We only use Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers, so you have assurance that we provide best quality.
We don’t aim for a sales pitch to sell the system. We rather clarify all the facts upfront. We also analyse your lifestyle to decide if solar system is a right choice for you or not. Sometimes for a very low bill, it may be possible the customer may not be able to repay the system for atleast 10 years or so, we suggest not to install the system on their roof top.
Why choose us? Because we provide the best product in the market, because we have an expertise to design a most suitable system for you, because we have competitive price, because we have an attitude of customer satisfaction, because we endeavor to satisfy our customers.

We have a right solution. We can design the system for you.
Did you know that there is still a rebate available, which helps you install the system at cheap price.
The simplest way to analyse your system
• Look at your electricity bill, your kWh consumption, average daily usage. We can calculate on that basis. Depending on your lifestyle, you can reduce your consumption (not electricity bill) between 50%-70%
• There is still rebate available which will be based on how big a system you want to install.
• We use top quality material only.
• We only use Clean Energy Council accredited installers only.
Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Why quality counts?

When you want to install the system on your rooftop, you want to make sure it lasts for a good time. Many of the cheap products claim to offer higher than normal warranties, however who knows if they will exist after

Are government rebates still available?
There are still solar incentives available for home owners. They come in form of STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates). Generally, though the STCs are claimed by the retailer that you buy your system from, in return for a healthy discount on your set-up, the amount of the discount depends on the system size.

Solar Panel System in a nutshell:
Common household PV system is composed of two main components. Solar Panel & Inverter. Solar Panels commonly called as Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, which absorb sunlight and converts into DC (Direct Current) power. The DC power cannot be used without converting to AC (Alternating Current) in most of the house hold appliances. Inverter does this job; it converts DC power into AC power. There are many other smaller components such as panel mount, wiring, switches, etc. attached to these to make the system compliant to relevant Government Bodies.
(Put a picture of how system works)
Nowadays installing solar system not only means that you are helping environment. You are also saving a huge cost in your pocket too.

• Reduce Your Electricity Bill
• Increase Your Property Value 10-15%
• Be Energy Independent
• Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
• Earn a High Return on Your Investment (ROI)
• Protect Your Children’s Future

How much will I save?
There are multiple factors affecting how much you could save.

  • How many occupants usually stay at home.
  • How many people do stay at home during daytime?
  • How is your night time power consumption?
  • How heavy are the appliances you have, how do you use them?
  • How many appliances you can put on timer to run during daytime.
  • Do you have future addition of power equipment (AC, pool pump, dishwasher etc.)

These factors significantly affect how big a system you will need. At Sunrays Power we will discuss these questions with you and we will judge the suitable size for you. Why not contact us to get an obligation free quote?
Every house has different lifestyle, if you stay at home most of the time during the day, solar system is perfect for you. If nobody is at home during day time, you can consider to install the system which caters your maximum possible day time usage. It’s possible that you may need change few things with your lifestyle such as using some appliances during day time, put a timer on the hot water system etc.

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