Quality of Solar Panels and Inverter


Before committing, do your research. Only buy panels which has good market name. stay away from unknown product.

Inverters: not all Chinese are bad. Some are great product value for money which you might have to replace to install batteries. Again, do your research.

To Elaborate:

There are lots of solar Cowboys out there. Their aim is just one. Earn earn earn dump anything and disappear in few years.

Don’t fall for them. They use a sloppy sales pitch. They will sell you a solar lemon.

Now that you are reading this article means you have internet handy. You deep dive into it, and find a correct product suitable for you. We are aware there are so many varieties to choose from, what should then be a best product or most cost-efficient product available in the market.

PV Panels:

Usually, we suggest our customers to avoid any Tier 2 or anything lower than that category. Usually anything Tier 1 is good enough. However, you need to be aware that Tier 1 category changes all the time and something in Tier 1 list last year doesn’t guarantee it will be in the same list this year too.

We have a simple approach when deciding if the material is good quality or not. First of all good the product and see how their reviews are, if there are negative reviews have they improved recently? Remember, when you try to find a product don’t ever trust everything on the internet. Have a chat with your friends and relatives who have installed solar, and which brands they preferred.

We have simple 4 step approach when deciding the product good enough or not?

  • Does the manufacturer have local office or local support? Do you have to send material to overseas if found faulty?
  • How easy are they to deal with during warranty claims?
  • What is their quality track record, did they have solid track record in Australia?
  • How is their failure rate? May be this one is not so easy to find, but people out there will shout out loud if they are unhappy with the product.

Ofcourse there is no single portal which will tell you everything about all the brands. You will have to judge with online reviews.

We at Sunrays Power assure that we only provide Tier 1 PV panels.



There are lots of options available when deciding an inverter.

There are lots of great European brands available. There are infect quite a number of great Chinese inverters available in the market too. Please note, not all the Chinese made inverters are crap. There are some very high-quality products made in china, and they are very competitive because they are owned by big conglomerates, and manufactured in a facility where lots of local resource is available.

Again, we recommend to stay away from the product which doesn’t have good local review.

Please note: you don’t have to invest in highest quality inverter. There is a possibility you may need to convert your existing inverter into Hybrid to connect batteries.

We at Sunrays Power will give you the best advise what material will suit you and your pocket.

Why don’t you contact us today, to discuss what product will suit you best. Remember, solar is always worth if its installed in a right way, otherwise good luck dealing with cowboys.

Email: info@sunrayspower.com.au

Call: 1800 720 719







Below are the links to check if the product is in the Clean Energy Council approved PV module and Inverter list?




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  1. Ken Smith
    Sep, 26, 2017

    Which is a better inverter? ZaverSolar or Sungrow?
    Which one do you recommend?

    • admin
      Dec, 8, 2017

      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for contacting Sunrays Power. We personally Believe Sungrow wins the race with marginal edge.
      ZeverSolar has come a long way, started as a sole chinese brand and got taken over by SMA (German brand as you are aware).
      However, they had some bumpy ride few years back in australia, the failure rate was very very low compared to other chinese average quality inverters. However, as any other product goes, was enough to do a damage in public. They have improved a lot recently, with great local support, however still the old dents haunts them.
      Sungrow has been no. 2 manufacturer in the world in terms of Inverter manufacturing capacity. Sungrow, has a great local support too. Their product has been praised by many, as no body says Sungrow are bad or low quality, be it support, performance, warranty issues, compatibility and so on.
      I would personally recommend to buy a Sungrow and get extended warranty. You are secure for 10 years for sure.
      Good luck