How to find if my Solar System is working all right?

Depending on the inverter, you can check this by:

  • Checking the display on the Inverter.
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring either via app or web portal (if available).
  • You should check the DC side Voltage (Vdc) and Current (Idc) possibly per string
  • You should check the AC side Voltage (Vac) and Current (Iac) and Power Output. You should also check any faults logged.
  • Contact your solar retailer if any issues encountered.

The best advice is to note down the solar system performance in every season which will give you the estimation of your system performance. You should check this against the performance estimation provided by your Solar Retailer.

Just a side note, check if your Solar Retailer has provided any of those documents mandated by AS5033. Contact us for any further questions.


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