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Why Quality Installation Matters in Solar System?

To install the solar system and gain STCs, the solar system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer. The Clean Energy Council and Clean Energy Regulator together with local, state and national standards cumulatively have stringent rules in installation of solar system.

The problem is, not many of them get audited, as such many installers take short cuts which may look neat but can appear after few years.

Some installers even install 2 jobs a day and use cheap accessories such as Switches, and Cables. This may save them mere $100 but would eventually cost the homeowner thousands later on. T

hey will be phoenix companies, and will disappear after few years in business, will start new business on their sister’s / wife’s ABN.

We make sure these small details are taken care of in detail with our installation. Contact Us to discuss further.


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