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Why Oversizing the Inverter with Panels is Important?

If an inverter manufacturer allows, you can oversize the inverter’s DC input with 133% more panel size compared to its rated AC output and can still claim STCs on all the panels.

Although the total AC output of the inverter will not exceed its rated capacity, oversizing of panels greatly benefits as mentioned below:

  • Oversizing panels helps in low light conditions, such as cloudy days, sunrise, sunset, hazy days etc. The System will generate more power compared to standard system during such low light conditions.
  • Oversizing panel also helps push more power on each string. This essentially helps generate power closer to inverter’s capacity.
  • When oversizing the inverter, the maximum production starts earlier and finishes later in the day. This generates overall more power during the day.
  • Oversizing of the inverter doesn’t damage the inverter, as most of the inverter can accept 33% more DC power.
  • Particularly, in future when you replace the normal Inverter with Hybrid Inverter (if not already done so), this extra DC power from panels will be stored in the battery.

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