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Choosing a Right Electricity Retailer

Ok, so you have just had a beautiful Solar System installed at your property. What now? Which electricity retailer to choose from?

It may seem very obvious, choose a retailer who offers you the highest Feed in Tariff. Right? Not necessarily. Remember, the retailers might offer you an attractive Feed-in-Tariff, they would also charge you more for the supply charge and normal supply tariff.

You need to figure out how much are you going to use at home and how much you will export back in the grid.

If you export very high amount, better to choose a package where they offer a high feed-in-tariff.

If you do not export very high amount, better to stick with the standard rate.

Remember, it is also smart to switch to higher feed-in-tariff rate during summer, as your solar will produce much more power compared to winter.

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