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Getting the Maximum Benefit of the Solar System.

Once the Solar System is installed, you want to get a maximum benefit out of your system.

Remember, now a days feed-in-tariff the electricity retailers offer is lot lesser than what they used to offer in the past. So, there is no point in selling power if not necessary, it is always beneficial to use as much power as you can during daytime.

You can do so by delay starting the appliances, particularly washing machine and the dishwasher. Remember to sequence them and not set them to start at the same time, as your solar system will only produce certain power which may not be enough for multiple appliances and you will end up making the equation worse.

You now have free power, so you can have a luxury of adding more appliances such as Clothes Dryer, which can work for almost free, if you manage to offset the power through Solar System.

You can also connect your Electric Hot Water System to meter where Solar System is installed and install a timer. You can set the timer during daytime and the Hot Water System can use power from the Solar System. Make sure to minimise using other appliances when Hot Water System is running, as the heating element in the HWS can use most of the power being produced from the Solar System.

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