Can it add any value to Commercial properties?:

If you own the property where you can install the system, well yes you can significantly. Infect currently the solar system works best for the commercial system.  Due to good upfront rebate, every small to medium business owner can afford the system, and can get the Return on Investment from 15 to 30% and much more.

Why not contact one of our expert and have your usage analysed obligation free. We are skilled in thinking out of the box, and suggest some radical changes to reduce your power bill.


So far, commercial properties have virtually been untouched by solar industry partly due to lack of awareness, partly due to busy high return residential market. However more commercial properties are realising that there is a very good saving by installing solar system. The examples can be schools, child care centres, warehouse, small fabrication units, cold storages, small shopping centres, etc.

The benefit now is rebate is already existing however, the material price has recently reduced. This happened mainly due to international oil price drop, which has affected renewable industry making oversupply of stock to reduce the material price significantly to make room for further manufacturing to sustain the business. Which of course predicts that the material price may not stay this low forever.

Did you know, solar system works really well for the commercial properties. Depending on your day time usage, you can pay back your system in as little as 2.5 years. Depending on your usage, the solar system return on investment for small business can range from 15% (high evening usage) to 30% and above (maximum day time usage)

We can employ our experience and expertise to design a customised solution for you.

We only use quality product for the performance, however for a larger system Tier-2 panels can also be installed, which will reduce the total cost significantly.

Please note – when you install a solar system on your property, the savings is capped. You are protecting yourself against future price hike.

For a small business, any expense smaller than $20,000 can be 100% tax deductible, now is the perfect time to install solar.

We also have special finance option available with special low interest for commercial solar loan. Refer to our Financers link here