Price of electricity is expected to be double in five years. Protect yourself from this price rise by installing solar system. Residential and commercial solar system packages are available from our comprehensive product range. Why not take a benefit of this and pay no charge to the electricity you generate from your own power generator?

At Sunrays Power, we only use best quality product, we only limit ourselves with few choices to choose from. We understand, having too many choices just confuses us and affects our timely decision making capability.

We cater all types of products ranging from residential on grid, off grid solar system, storage solutions, panel mounting, commercial solar system, redesign old system, micro inverter for partial shading to the roof,

Below are some of the products which we use which has a great track record. When we select the product we make sure they are compliant to Australian standards as well as approved by relevant government bodies.

We not only endeavour to use good quality panels and inverter, but we make sure every single parts including cables, isolations switch, conduits, sealant, mounting kit are all quality and compliant products. We regularly check our suppliers to get us the bargain, and due to our good purchasing power, we can get good bargain, which we pass on to our customers.

We engage not only Clean Energy Council accredited installers, but we make sure that our installers have a good track record and have the same principles as us that they will not install cheap stuff.

Popular Brands We Trust